Private detective: is single really the golden age for women?

筆跡鑑定BLOGPrivate detective: is single really the golden age for women? Everyone’s life is really different, each has its own thing, each has its own joys and sorrows. Yesterday afternoon I had a chat with two friends, one of whom I was not familiar with. He said something about work and chatted about the latest situation. As a result of not quite familiar with xiao Yang, I have a few scruples, listen to say less; But xiao Yang was very talkative. From beginning to end, another friend and I were like listeners. Afternoon tea became xiao Yang’s talk show. But xiao Yang said happily, smiled happily, I looked also happy. As if most people around are busy busy, it is not easy to hear the laughter from the heart, if you can listen to the real laughter all afternoon, it is also a kind of enjoyment. Xiao Yang himself said, in a company to do accounting, usually work is not too busy, a little more things at the end of the month, work time is more comfortable, can find a reason to leave the unit to run a circle, work is very comfortable. Xiao Yang years younger than me, a personal life, in addition to work, all of the time was spent on the Internet, play games, chat, or aimlessly in each site went back and forth between xiao Yang look for today’s life is very good, a person freedom, want to eat just a little bit, lazy call takeout, don’t have to serve a husband, don’t have to take care of the children, to earn some money in my body, she said that such a person to eat the whole family not hungry fairy day only was a www.daaidetective.comdream for most women, she has been living in the dream, so special happiness. If not xiao Yang left, my friend said some other words, I almost believe she really live in happiness. Xiao Yang to return to the unit at the end of the disposal of financial problems, on the first leave. My friend and I are constantly chatting. Outside the window drizzle drizzle, on the glass hit a little water spray, Beijing such weather is not much. Although the weather is cloudy, the heart is clear. The friend says, xiao Yang had a paragraph of unhappy marriage, maintained two years to end, among them reason does not know so far nobody, but after that marriage passes, xiao Yang did not marry again, also do not associate with the man, the time outside the job basically shut oneself in the home, that marriage lets her very get hurt. Friends say xiao Yang is a very pessimistic woman, extroverted personality, so usually give the impression of xi xi ha ha, heartless, which just confirm my initial impression of xiao Yang. Knowing xiao Yang’s experience, I think her attitude towards life is very commendable. “You mustn’t think she is a woman without vexation. In fact, she led a very hard life, from the family life, then a hard marriage, now a person’s life is also very hard. They say you need two faces to live on, and she is. In front of others is a laughing face, a person’s time…… Perhaps she knows best what a human face is.” I said from xiao Yang’s manners and physical appearance really can not see that she is a very 政府立案徵信社bitter person. The private detective heard from his friends that xiao Yang used to show people such a face, so everyone thought she was the kind of woman with a childish heart. But would a real childish heart drink alone at home every night? Isn’t there much in the empty room except bottles of wine? Think also, even if a woman again strong, no matter how pessimistic, to 30 still lonely, guarding the empty house, even if that day again how free and easy, will really like gold like sparkling? A woman needs a home to return to after all, body and mind should have a support, stand alone in the field of a tree, again tenacious also very difficult to withstand the wind and rain, let alone a life in the metropolis, carrying mortgage, the need to go out to work every day woman? Chat also passed, after the encounter and in a hurry to separate xiao Yang, let my heart a little pressure feel, but did not think, everyone has everyone’s life, I also have my needs to operate. At dusk, xiao Yang even gave me a phone call, drunk. She said that I did not talk much during the day, but she felt that I was a person she could trust and wanted to talk to me. After we had said a few words, there was no movement on her side. I thought she had fallen asleep in the heat of the wine, but I understood from her few words what my friend had said during the day. Outside the window is still floating rain, my heart heavy, until midnight did not fall asleep, do not know why. This period of writing every day, as if quiet years of se徵信社價錢ntimental feelings come again, this is a good thing or bad? No matter it is good or bad, in recording the feeling of life, the heart seems to have been revived, long lost temperament back, this is enough to move me. Once in the young, I also think a person’s life is the best, do not have to be constrained by people, I want to do what to do, no one nagging, do not worry about others, willing to work on the job, willing to visit to visit, want to sleep big sleep can be stuffy at home for a few days not to go out. But later I found that I was wrong. What I once thought was just “thought”, but it was not an ideal life. In the ideal life, it was impossible to live only for myself, and it was also impossible to live alone all my life. Once thought that single is a woman’s golden period, in the end finally understand that it is only a golden dream. A woman’s golden period in life, relatives, lovers, children, dribs and drabs of life, happy work, these are shining gold. Alone in a person’s world, life can not really brilliant. I don’t know how long xiao Yang’s loneliness will last, maybe a few months, maybe a lifetime. I think, lonely is not terrible, if we can extract from the lonely enough to make oneself happy and satisfied at ease. A lot of time, the woman hope day long, hope that life is full of surprises, to later gradually adhere to and have in envy lonely people, so will feel single is a woman’s golden period; But really by lonely package of time, will find that the original home has love day, tha t is really home.

Can love with a popular lover “blossom and bear fruit”?

LINKMen like to keep an affair with a lot of women. It seems that this is a good way to show the advantages of their lovers, but for the women who really love them, can they tolerate this? And this man’s love has “blossomed”? Finally, I couldn’t help talking about my relationship. Being with him is both a blessing and a torment. He is a considerate and humorous boy, his brain is full of all kinds of endless wonderful ideas, always can catch everyone’s attention with unexpected behavior language, in our small circle, he undoubtedly gathered all the eyes. I was attracted to him in large part because he was funny and cute. Of course, he has many other virtues besides kindness, concentration, integrity and so on. I thought life with him would be very rich, full of laughter and laughter every day. But unexpectedly, because of his thoughtfulness and humLAor, he also kept peach blossoms around him, which became the biggest problem that bothered me. He seemed accustomed to this phenomenon, and I hinted several times that I didn’t like it. He responded very quietly and even thought I was fussy. ‘by choosing to be with me, I’ve decided that I won’t and won’t do anything underground,’ he said. Normal interaction between friends hope I do not do more association. But a woman’s natural sixth sense tells me that he is not as open as he says he is. So what puzzled me was that, whether he admitted it or not, he did enjoy flirting with other women, but he was as attentive to me as ever. I’m not sure if he’s just enjoying his addiction or if the current temptations aren’t enough to keep him on track in the future. It is undeniable that there are many qualities in him that make me fall in LOVE. Therefore, HTI would like to ask Dr. LOVE and this kind of public lover’s LOVE can “blossom and bear fruit”? P.i believe this problem is not only bothering you, but also troubling other women. First of all, we want to know, the man under the domination of male hormones or contact or dominant, but have no doubt there is a strong conquer and vanity, successful career, the appearance of bright eye, and significant personal charm can bring their countless applause and attention, this is to meet their conquest the main source of desire and vanity. Can say is a kind of instinct, also be the motive force that the man makes unremitting efforts for. So when the man encounters someone to express good feeling to its, in the heart affirmation dark cool, this also is human nature. However, the difference between special feeling and sentimental is that special feeling pETHeople can control themselves in the face of others, to the family and lover is responsible for the appropriate decline others; Passionate people push the boat, in time. So you want to see your face whether he is a what kind of person, your confidence in this relationship, the key from his observation, understanding and the corresponding judgement, if he just satisfied with the opposite sex to his attention and fans, inner stability, that you can put one hundred and twenty heart, enough to trust him, and full of confidence to oneself, is the biggest source of security; If he enjoys not only flirting with other people but also taking the initiative and courting others, he should think clearly. It is better to explicitly warn him that you really don’t like his close and frequent interactions with the opposite sex. You should let him know and valuEOSe your feelings.

Horny old total touch flower to provoke grass, handsome driver yinshe hole

比特幣現狀Sunday to drink a friend’s wedding wine, know affirmation must drink a few cups then in the village gate stopped a car “taxi”, a car driver master enthusiasm is very, while pass cigarette side ask “eldest brother, you don’t know me”? I took a closer look at the handsome middle-aged man who looked a little familiar, but couldn’t remember where. “I’m healthy! In those days eldest brother you took care of me, today certainly give a face I invite you to drink two cups “! It was only then that I recognized this “jian jian”, which caused a sensation in our local area more than ten years ago. One night around 10 o ‘clock 110 police transferred to the scene, saying that someone in the riverside park called the police to say he stabbed someone with a knife to turn himself in. After we arrived at the scene to see 120 ambulance first, is to rescue a 30-year-old middle-aged, a more than 20 years old young man all over the blood stupidly standing beside, the doctor will be carried to the injured car to the hospital, private detective heard me in a loud voice asked “who reported the police”? The young man replied blankly, “I reported the crime, I want to surrender.” < / p > < p > that night at one time xu hospital came the news of the injured rescue invalid death, the second day ou比特幣礦難的根源r area was boiling, men and women old and young are discussing this matter, because the dead in our local a celebrity, a coal mine chairman, rich and wealthy. It was not just money that made him so popular in the country, it was his lust, because the rich son of a bitch was everywhere he went to get women, whether in the form of a wife or a young girl, and he would try every means to get them, so he was notorious and had many enemies. The young man in the criminal police did not know that the boss had died, the interrogation of the police to stabilize his mood also told him that he was still in the rescue. Young man slowly will clarify the sequence of events of the whole thing: about three years ago his wife at the mahjong table cognition for the dead, cooked mix in the long run, he is a * * * car driver and the couple have no children, so no time often accompany wife, young and beautiful wife and no children drag love playing mahjong, because of bad luck and mahjong technology are lost a lot of money, the bosses have eager for her to take this opportunity to give to& tomorrow today borrow ten thousand wife carrying on the driver. Maybe this boss is too make public, often take the driver’s wife out of the dinner bar, the young man’s friend will spread this matter to his ears,如何獲得比特幣 you say which man can bear such a terrible humiliation, so he followed his wife several times, confirmed the rumor is not false. He USES the convenience that drives *** car the family circumstance of old total and address make quite clear, this wants to use oneself grow handsome to seduce old total wife with the person’s way return to treat a person’s body, did not think old total wife is a tradition serious woman, do not give him a bit of opportunity at all, force him to have to look for it another way. Begin to want to look for a friend to catch adulterer adulteress current make a sum of money to leave this shameless woman next, can feel so neither solution gas hind oneself also have no face to be an honest person, hence the decision dozen this “xi men celebrate” gas of a meal exit, the heart that thinks method takes back daughter-in-law again next lives well. So the night of the incident he will be pre-bought a mobile phone card to replace the wife’s card, and deliberately pretend not to be careful will be the wife’s mobile phone dropped in the water, and then the wife’s mobile phone card installed on his mobile phone out of the door, and with the wife’s tone will be the boss about the scene of the incident. Boss to the scene because do not know the young man were suddenly fr比特幣的特點om behind his embrace his legs fell to the ground, was severely hit him, didn’t think boss tall, strong in the back of the advantage, the young man saw hurt and he got up and went to the * * * car for the usual cut fruit knife to boss, boss of strength is can run, it is not the lad’s rivals, seeing no change had to run around rob knife, entangled by fruit knife cut the carotid artery blood on the spot as fountain slowly fell on the ground, young man at this time also frightened, so after the first call 120 emergency calls the police. Young man due to the active call 120 to save the dead and a year later in the plot, and because it is deliberately harm caused by emotional disputes to death, was suspended from the lenient sentence by the court, private detective when the attack occurred just phone spread to every period of working class, but also some nouveau riche just earn a little money, our local became prevalent affair, a lot of small package samyang small four boss. This murder has a great impact, but also scared a lot of local rich people who want to earn some money, indirectly affected our local social atmosphere. The young man also went out of prison at the end of last year due to his active rehabilitation and multiple commutation. His wife has been waiting at home for mor五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用e than 10 years.

My cheating husband tried to have a second child and changed my pills

徵信社 評價I almost fell to the ground looking at the thrilling bars on the stick. Si kongtao is still in Lin limin there romantic and happy, which makes my situation how can? I, originally thought divorce! I’m always on the fence about whether to get a divorce or not. < / p > < p > si kong sen lived in the grandmother over there, he completely did not know what happened to mom and dad. Good, look at us every day quarrel ah make – how happy is the child’s life? How happy is a child’s growth? Thinking of this, I don’t even cry. Lin limin cannot give birth to a child, this also is small 3 the main reason that cannot turn positive? “Why are you on the pill?” Si kongtao was dissatisfied, 徵信社找人and he always hoped that every routine would yield something. But I won’t. Why should I take on more responsibilities? It is still a question whether my marriage with si kongtao can continue in the future. Wait until the last straw, I can also match the handsome turned away. Si kong sen, beloved son! Maybe I can’t get custody of him. I just let si kongtao know that I just don’t want to have his baby. “You want to rebel! I extremely despise of say: “you can come in make three make four? I’m just trying to protect myself.” Si kongtao has nothing to say, he is very energetic to slam the door and go. In the middle of the night, of course, he lived in Lin limin’s fox house. That is also si pay to rent down, learn others jinhuizangjiao also did not avoid. “What about you, you’ve been craving sour food?” Bestie party, ceng lili inadvertently hint but scared my eldest brother jump. Yeah, I haven’t had my period in two months. I didn’t pay much attention to what I thought was the reaction to taking the pill. But there are some wonderful changes in my body, and I think I can’t ignore them. But no, I’m on the pill. Afraid, one day accidentally make life. ‘no, no! I tried to admit it. “You are not ignorant of my condition.” Said, my tears do not struggle to stay. “Or measurement, comparable to insurance.” Ok, I’ll buy a contraceptive stick on the way home. Or the next m台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社orning to wake up and test, but I can’t wait. Before going to bed, I struggled with my mind for a long time — try it, I don’t believe it will happen anyway. But that’s impossible! I almost fell to the ground looking at the thrilling bars on the stick. Si kongtao is still in Lin limin there romantic and happy, which makes my situation how can? I, originally thought divorce! “Si kongtao, I am pregnant!” “Great, sen sen has a brother and sister! I was so angry that I shut down the phone. What went wrong? The pill, it must be! I took it out in a hurry and couldn’t tell the difference. Take the new one apart and compare it to the old one — ah, different shades and sizes. Si kongtao, he ch徵信社私人調查找人尋人anged my medicine!

Private detective, his wife showed up and found out I had been cheated

最接近理想去中心化的公有鏈(Public Blockchain)My name is xiao yan. I am 24 years old. I work as a clerk in a company in nanjing. Because of my work ability was particularly outstanding, boss li regard sb with special respect or new views to me, he learned that my poor family condition to continue their education, decisively funding I admitted to graduate student, I have been glad for him, and he works for my daily life of all kinds of care and help, and my feelings towards him was growing, gradually moved to his place, but we didn’t happen relationship, each a bedroom, has maintained a love relationship, in my heart has been think he is a really love me, willing to pay but not for me I re以太坊(Ethereum)、以太幣與 DApppay you for him a good man, I really love him! Until one day, the arrival of a woman and children completely broke all the calm and sweet time. Li hui hid from me the fact that he had married in his hometown and had children. That woman pack up my clothes to all throw out the door, viciously maliciously scold a way toward me: “you this shameless smelly bitch, be small three when come to my house, you think old niang be easy to provoke, don’t get out again, I give your leg discount.” In the face of this sudden change let me unable to deal with, and standing on the side of li hui looked at his wife to my scold but not a utter, more let me feel c什麼是 ICO(首次貨幣發行)?old unceasingly. I picked up the suitcase, with full grievances and pain, embarrassed left there, also left his company. But my feelings towards him is what is done cannot be undone, I hate myself, I can’t control of his thoughts, when he called me, and I could not help but pressed the answer key, I hear the sound of his voice call: “small yan, really don’t know how can I explain to you, that day you wronged, I’m really sorry you, you can see my wife, she is like a woman, so I and she has no feelings, only in marriage, I’m in it for the children to endure to endure, not divorce her. Please believe me, I did not intentionally cheat pian’s feeli什麼是工作量證明(PoW)?ngs, you are a wonderful girl, I cherish our feelings, if you will give me another chance, I will choose to divorce her, would you like to believe me again?” Hearing his sincere apology, my psychological defense suddenly collapsed. I can’t stop my heart to his feelings, don’t forget he once for helping me, selfless love to me, even though he deceives pian I hid me, but I just love him, I hate my own weakness, hate their own incompetence, unable to resist the temptation to he gave me, I don’t know whether he will really and his wife divorce, I don’t know where is our future? I’m really exhausted. Maybe I need someone to wake me up and help me o礦工賺錢術 - PoS 跟 PoW 有什麼差別?ut of this mess.

Private detective, can the other side ask for compensation when extramarital affairs divorce?

徵信社推薦Extramarital affairs, three words look very seductive, men and women often can not resist the temptation from outside the etiquette. Extramarital affairs also become the most common killer in marriage. The other side extramarital affair seeks my happiness, but I can only be like autumn leaves ordinary deeply snubbed pain, no branch to rely on. In order to ensure my legitimate rights and interests, we can not help asking: the other side extramarital affairs divorce can claim compensation, extramarital affairs divorce need what evidence? Private investigators will stop answering the above two questions one by one. See below for details. One, the other party extramarital affair divorce whether claim compensation extramarital affair at present is really the first “killer” to hurt the feelings of husband and wife, but in the face of this problem, “marriage law” and no corresponding compensation or compensation measures. Article 46 of China’s marriage law clearly stipulates that there are four kinds of cases that can solicit damages, including bigamy; Cohabitation of a married person with another person; Abandoning or giving preferen筆跡鑑定BLOGtial treatment to family members; Domestic violence. In addition to these four conditions, the husband and wife have no right to seek damages. If say further, extramarital affair just is a kind of fact state description, bigamy and the person that have a spouse and other people cohabit belong to extramarital affair category, just more serious. If the behavior of the spouse’s extramarital affair constitutes bigamy or the spouse cohabits with others, the other party can claim damages. According to the law, when the divorce of extramarital affairs meets the legal requirements, the faultless party has the right to ask for damages from the faultless party. But extramarital affair, it is fault square and small between 3 partake is unreasonable relation and produce harm to husband and wife one party, so, the one party that suffers harm whether to small 3 implore compensatory? The situation is not appealing at the moment. According to the rule of article 2 of tort liability law, destroying the lawful marital relationship is not a category of civil tort, and the marital relationship is not a category of civil rights and interests. There徵信社 收費fore, the injured party can only seek damages from the other party of the marital relationship, and cannot claim damages from any third party outside the marital relationship. Although “small 3” destroyed the affection between husband and wife, but as the saying goes, “the fly does not bite the egg that seamless”, if cheat on one side can insist to the wife to the family hold the position of responsibility of attitude, won’t fit this kind of thing. Here, I also hope that friends can resist the temptation of the ideal, maintain a good family life environment. What kind of evidence is needed for divorce from an extramarital affair? Evidence about any kind of litigation is crucial. Bigamy and other evidence often touch a party’s personal privacy, the way of obtaining evidence is illegal, or the privacy of the other party, the evidence in the court is not admissible, so in evidence, hope that friends can consult professional marriage law lawyers, so as not to lose a lot. In theory, compare the evidence of common extramarital affair to have: photograph, recording, short message, qq chats record, video, pledge. It is important to men徵信社評價tion the guarantee, as it may not rise to the level of divorce immediately after one partner is caught cheating. At this point, be sure to write the wrong side guarantee, write the facts clearly, and ensure that it will not be committed again, as one side has evidence of extramarital affairs, in case of unexpected need. Above to “the other party extramarital affairs divorce can claim compensation”, “extramarital affairs divorce what evidence” two issues stopped deepening shallow discussion, believe that we now have a certain understanding of divorce compensation. “Marriage law” and its judicial interpretation did not stop the rules on extramarital affairs, including “second wife” and other phenomena, and in the divorce compensation can only stop the divorce compensation for the four kinds of rules of “marriage law” article 46. If encounter the condition such as extramarital affair, contact lawyer in time please, lawyer can inform you how to do ability utmost ground maintains oneself, and marital lawyer also is psychology to consult division normally, the persuasion of unbelievable marital lawyer also can open your heart knot, f徵信社是什麼ace life afresh.

The wife is not a virgin. Whose is it?

全新全球指數-盈幣寶Last year, we met in one early autumn afternoon, she is very tall, looks very strong, ha ha, I am a thin man, should be able to put it this way, I’m online, she works in a station, be very happy to talk about that day, then slowly development down, well years ago we got married), all very happy, by the way, I am conservative and know her before has always been a virgin, though occasionally seen some Japanese small action, but there was no real private detective and women happened anything, she is my first time, is also my first. I like her very much and love her. — — — — — before meeting her at the time, my father is cancer, in the hospital management, but I never dare to tell her the truth, for fear of also want to the old woman, hearing this, is the cancer, just break up with me directly, afraid of later days burden is heavy, although this years I earned some money, don’t worry about that, but I still afraid to tell her, afraid she like former girlfriend, the reality of this, but her mother, still put forward to buy a house,頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶 not to buy a house is to not let married, in the end I agreed to buy the house, because I can afford, so the development of our smoothly down, Maybe is an act of god, the father has always been very concerned about my marriage, I was 27.8 years old, and still didn’t talk about into a, there has been no back like to let him see, so in recent years, the father often angry with me, sulking and air quality over the years is very bad, my father didn’t read any book since I was a child, can’t distinguish fog haze, although a few times says haze days don’t go out with him, but he still stubborn said yourself to exercise, let us all a wry smile. So unfortunate thing happened, and my father is late lung cancer, but unfortunately surgery, chemotherapy, only when I meet with her, is the father’s last few days, but in the final days of his father in the intensive care unit in the rescue, said she wanted to see for the first time, I didn’t let her go, always in great fear that she might know the truth, heel I break up, I stopped, then father i專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶nto the intensive care unit, already dying, his mother said she would come to, is you can’t run, not you want to leave and do not leave, later that night, I saw my parents take it for the first time she thought that is in the province two hospital intensive care unit, She didn’t have any angry, has been to comfort my mother and I, mother also very happy, I meet a lot of in the heart, I think in this life is her, because she is still in the day before her mother to buy a house, and then in her way home, she said still take money to give your father a doctor first, let’s talk about the first, etc. These things in the past, say other, this is great, I did not say what, but that night, his father walked. When she got home and found out on the phone, she was scared. I reassured her that it was ok. He also said that the father was satisfied that he had seen his daughter-in-law. Later, after my father’s funeral at home, I kept in touch with her. She did not say goodbye to me, but still wanted to stay with me. I decided to buy a house and 頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶build our love nest. Remember before marriage was still in love, one day, she suddenly said to me, she grew up under the inflammation, how many years, went to the hospital to have seen a lot of time, and see the doctor when you need to use things open, plug into medicine, said that if later do not bleed, needless to say I oh, I didn’t care, also smiled and said, no, you can rest assured that these things actually, her mother also told me many times, I didn’t think too much, a private investigator later we have been in a state of a kind of very happy, she became my wife, she is very nice, very polite, by the way, she is a Catholic, I later in order to marry her and into the Catholic church, we bought a house before marriage, and then to obtain the certificate, the fast 2 months before the wedding, we moved to live together, but also so let her early pregnant, began to she is very happy, she was particularly fond of children, especially want to be a mother, I often do the office, so not body row, but still pregnant with, make her hap盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址py for a while.

How does an adulterer make him stubborn

花蓮徵信社推薦How an adulterous husband makes him stubborn. At the beginning of the month, I found ambiguous text messages in my husband’s mobile phone. They claimed that their husband and wife were chatting. They should live together for a long time. I was at home taking care of the house and the family, and he was out with other women. When his company sent him to chengdu, he said that I should wait for him for 3 years, after coming back, we can be together from time to time. After I found out he was having an affair, we had a big fight. He didn’t care about it and blamed me for turning over his cell phone. I on the spur of the moment impulse, let the parents-in-law judge reason, but also to the home, my brother beat him, my parents also said he, who knows he angrily put forward and I divorce, but also ran away from home, usually fast Chinese New Year, let him go home he also don’t return, non say want to divorce with me. I used to be helpless, do not know how to do? Private detective: you are a wife who loves your husband very much. Your husband is out fighting, but you help him guard back line, take good care of the whole family, let him have no worries in front. He did not thank you for your efforts, the more serious let you heartache. Spend your free time talking to other women. But you made the fatal mistake of letting your parents-in-law intervene in your conflict. Man is a very face-saving animal, even if he made a mistake, also can only admit in front of you, and can not let the mistake public. On the contrary, it angered his nerves, made him break the pot and intensified the seriousness of the problem. Let’s g澎湖徵信社推薦o from plus to minus. Let oneself mood is stable above all, do not take the mood to think about and deal with a problem. Again you want to confirm the husband can really have an affair, it is very difficult to do discriminant just by the appellation of chat. Assuming it was an affair, can you forgive him? Unforgivable, unforgivable solution. Forgive and make forgivable solutions. Finally, seek the assistance of professional private detective companies, they will design solutions from the purpose you want to help you find reasonable ways to 筆跡鑑定BLOGfind a happy life.

What are the behaviors that women dislike most about their husbands

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿Man before marriage for the beloved woman to marry home, usually cover up their own shortcomings and lack of, the best side to show girlfriend. When cummer became wife, the attitude of the man can fit change, inherent life habit shows with respect to original form, because take care of the feeling of wife no longer, often become the fuse that husband and wife contend for, serious still can scare wife away. So, what are the behaviors that women dislike most after marriage? One, smoking. In addition to individual smoking female friends, the vast majority of women do not like the smell of smoke, plus passive smoking harmful health, the most ill husband at home smoke. Summer home can open a window ventilated still better, winter door window is closed, smoke flavour cannot abate, let a woman cannot endure more. Men who smoke have residual smoke smell, bathing and brushing teeth can not be completely removed, it is easy to affect women’s interest. Pregnant women are more sensitive to the smell of smoke, husband smoking at home affects the mood of pregnant women and fetal health development. Consequently, the man that gives up smoking addiction hard, after marriage should acc盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址ording to the feeling of wife and family, would rather trouble a point to go balcony or toilet satisfy an addiction, also do not smoke in sitting room or bedroom, lest provoke wife to be unhappy, affect family peace and health. Drink too much. Men in the society can not be separated from wine, friends contact feelings to drink, find someone to handle affairs banquet to put wine, every year to celebrate the festival to the wine, wine has become the medium of Chinese contact feelings. However, alcohol is also a double-edged sword. Moderate drinking is beneficial to health, and frequent drinking is harmful to health. Especially after drinking, it is easy to make a fool of yourself, and the smell of alcohol after home is even worse. In fact, the woman does not object to her husband drinking, but bad feeling often drink, mainly worry about damage to health; Make a fool of oneself in drunkenness; Drink alone home not love all; The pungent smell of wine and so on. Man is “rather hurt the body not hurt feelings” by the wind of the wine praised, but can not just friendship regardless of love. Accordingly, the man wants to insist to drink right amount only, thoroughly eliminate 盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線regular excessive drinking, ability is not bored by the wife. Three, lazy. A lot of after marriage female want outside income work already, want to take care of old people and child again, still have to bear when big part housework, a lot of time still tired than the man, hope husband can share some housework actively very much. Although there is no shortage of diligent men who cook and clean the house, most men show little interest in housework after marriage. Some go home after waiting for the wife to take the food on the table, after the meal bowl chopsticks a person throw away, the child cried wife coaxed, oil bottle to not go to help, even wash underwear and smelly socks also let the wife. Men too lazy not only increased the wife’s burden, let her body and mind more tired, also easy to incur dissatisfaction mood. Consequently, the man loves wife to cannot be hanged just on the mouth, should understand wife toil, even if come home hind dozen dozen help, also can let the wife feel warmth. Four, selfish. After marriage, the woman takes the man as her support and hopes that her husband will give her more company and care. A selfish man is usually self-centered, not ob差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbonvious before marriage, and his selfish character will show up after marriage. The main performance is the wife as a vassal, no longer try to figure out the woman scheming, small and big feelings, more listen to the different opinions of the wife. The woman spread on selfish man very cannot, blindly tolerate kimono never reconciled, said many and no quiet day can be passed, very easy to affect the feelings of husband and wife. Special demand to the king hard bow, regardless of the feelings of his wife; Prompt him to behave more generous, he will scold you “prodigal mother”; If I buy a dress I like, he will criticize your lack of time. Women are sad to marry such men. In addition to not liking the four behaviors mentioned above, women are more intolerant of domestic violence and promiscuous cheating. Because the nature of violence and derailment is different, the harm is greater, light destroy the feelings between husband and wife, heavy destroy marriage and family, should become married man’s commandment. After marriage, a man plans his career and family and blames things. As long as he gives his wife more company and care, husband and wife can share the happiness and b【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告eauty of marriage.